Who We Are

Meet Jenkins and the team behind the valet stand.

Jenkins the Valet

The Valet at the Bored Ape Yacht Club, terrible secret keeper, lead storyteller


Punk #4257, the Solidity Developer who brought you HD Punks, Revest Finance, and more.


Product marketer and community builder. Never seen an ape he didn’t follow.


Andy ChorlianFounder, Fractional
Drew AustinFounder, Redbeard Ventures
Jacob MartinNFT Attorney
Josh OngFounder, Causeway Strategies
Adam BrotmanCEO, Brightloom
GMoneyFuturist, Disruptor, Ape

Brought to you by Tally Labs

Tally Labs dreams up worlds, characters, and tools to make the Metaverse a better place

Breath life into existing NFTs and create new IP through a combination of storytelling, design, and community building

Partner with leaders in their respective fields to incubate and co-launch NFT’s, ensuring authenticity when going to market

Launch new NFT projects from the ground up with the intention of allowing others to create their own projects on top of ours

Usher large-scale consumer brands into the NFT space through strategy, consultation, and a soup-to-nuts rollout.

Build tools to serve the NFT community and enable the next generation of creators and consumers