Written by Neil Strauss, art by MBSJQ, Search & Find art by IC4 Design, music by Murda Beatz
50% of Net Profits flow back to licensed Apes/Mutants (4,075 total licensed)
Burn your book in exchange for the ability to mint an Azur Root (Mint Pass) which is your key to obtaining a citizen of Azurbala (PFP)
Stake Bored & Dangerous for Hawthorn membership, a decentralized coalition of global creatives named after one of the most durable and resilient trees

Bored & Dangerous Game Theory

Burn Bored & Dangerous to purchase an Azur Root that can be redeemed for an Azurian avatar. Stake it to become a member of Hawthorn.

The Writer's Room

The Writer's Room is our genesis membership. Holders can vote on the creative direction of the content we produce, as well as license their eligible avatars (or partner with someone) to appear in the work and earn royalties. Writer's Room NFTs can be used to enter into new licensing partnerships for each individual work. We're not making any more of these and are constantly looking to drive additional utility to holders.

Bored & Dangerous

Bored & Dangerous is the first community-generative novel to come out of the NFT space. 3,000 members came together to vote on the plot and 4,075 Apes/Mutants were licensed by members of the community. Collaborators on the work include Neil Strauss, MBSJQ, Murda Beatz, and IC4 Design.


Burn your book for the ability to purchase an Azur Root (a sacred item in Azurbala) for 0.08 ETH. You'll be able to age your Azur Root (strengthening it) until you're ready to take it to the Monastery and offer it as a tribute to the Gods. In exchange, the Gods will bless you with an Azurian PFP.


Stake your book NFT for governance tokens in Hawthorn, a community-led DAO dedicated to reimagining collective creativity. Hawthorn will share partial ownership in Azurbala and the characters Tally Labs has incubated, such as Jenkins the Valet, Jenkins the Mutant, Good Boy, and the Azurian Legends.

Brought to you by Tally Labs

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