Bored & Dangerous

Minting begins July 11

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True Dutch Auction (Trustless refunds). Price coming soon.



48 hours to buy. Price coming soon. Discount to the Dutch Auction price.

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7 days to claim for free.

Written by Neil Strauss, art by MBSJQ, Search & Find art by IC4 Design, music by Murda Beatz
50% of Net Profits flow back to licensed Apes/Mutants (4,075 total licensed)
Burn your book in exchange for the ability to mint an Azur Root (Mint Pass) which is your key to obtaining a citizen of Azurbala (PFP)
Stake Bored & Dangerous for Hawthorn membership, a decentralized coalition of global creatives named after one of the most durable and resilient trees

Burn for Azurbala

You can burn your book to take a trip to Azurbala, the jungle capital all the way on the other side of the Metaverse. When you burn your book, you'll be able to pay .08 for an Azur Root (Mint Pass), one of the most sacred items in Azurbala. Once you have an Azur Root, you can choose to age it for as long as you like. The longer you age it, the more you will be rewarded when your Azurian is born. Azurians will be generated in real time, on a rolling basis, in perpetuity.

Azurbala is a holy city, but it's one that is overrun with greed, power, and corruption. 5 factions jockey for power over the city. You have the aristocrats in House Calypso, the artisans and craftsmen in the Syndicate, the corrupt prison guard in The Edokan, the Monks and other religious folk in the Monastery, and the crimelords running the underworld in The Sprawls.

Head to the Marrow Glades to harvest some Marrow, the scarce resource that powers the city and sits at the heart of the conflict. Just be careful, because exposure can cause Myrrosis.

Stake for Hawthorn

You can stake your book to receive governance tokens in Hawthorn, a DAO dedicated to reimagining collective creativity. If you also have a Writer's Room NFT, you can receive bonus tokens for staking that with your book. Hawthorn is named after one of the most durable trees in the world. Hawthorn trees are known for standing the test of time due to their ability to tolerate varying conditions. Planting trees takes time and so does incubating a DAO. But when it's planted, the Hawthorn tree will be able to weather any storm, just as we expect the DAO to do with all of you at the helm.

We believe that a decade from now people will look at Hawthorn as well as all of the worlds it has brought to life (talking to you, Azurbala) and view it as the first and most prominent example of a decentralized and global community influencing culture and the future of collective creativity.

A Foundation governed by members of Hawthorn will have partial ownership interest in IP companies that hold characters and worlds such as Jenkins, the Mutant, Goodboy, Azurian Legends, and Azurbala itself.

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